Festivals Tour

Img Credit: yael sher on Pixabay

Discover the enchanting and vivacious festivals of Bhutan, where our tours coincide with the lively local festivities, granting you the privilege to witness the resplendent traditions, mesmerizing masked dances, and rejoicing celebrations that display the rich Bhutanese culture.

Tshechu means “tenth day,” a religious event celebrated on the tenth day of a lunar calendar annually in various temples, monasteries, and Dzongs throughout the country; however, the exact month of the Tshechu varies from place to place, temples to temples, dzong to dzong. The entire community, families, and loved ones come together to witness the festival, blessings and socialize together in the event. Believed that everyone must attend the Tshechu and see the mask dances to receive prayer and drain out all sins, every individual come with colorful costumes with packed lunch to witness the festivals and enjoy the day.

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