Bhutan's Adventure & Nature

Bhutan is known for its Himalayan kingdom that excellent replete opportunities for adventurous activities in plains, forests, valleys, and highaltitude destinations. These beautiful, unique landscapes allow many numbers of ways to explore and get unforgettable experiences. Each journey is handcrafted by ASTER TOURS & TRAVEL will take you to another individual exposure and experience that suits every traveler traveling with us.

A vibrant natural colors in the broader landscape.

Explore our suggested treks and hikes through beautiful trails, experiencing fresh cool air, vegetation on your way across the forested area, valleys, and bridges adorned by colorful prayer flags. Spend some time to encounter the spectacular view of the most extensive marshland of Phobjikha, the winter home of the Black Necked Crane. Following the ancient route to ways of excursing the hikes, treks will adventure the most in Bhutan.

Raft in the river with extreme settings of Mountain.

Rafting in the twin river (Pho chhu and Mo Chhu) popular spots of Bhutan, located at Punakha valley, is the most adventurous experience. The river flows through rocky gorges and plain terraced fields to conjoin two rivers near the Punakha Dzong. We arrange white-water rafting in both the rivers, rewarding you the most adventurer experiences with amazing natural views and rapid challenges.

Archery has become an essential part of the Bhutanese celebration.

Archery – the national game of Bhutan became one of the celebrations or occasions for Bhutanese people to celebrate with their families, friends, and valley to valley's competition and nationwide. Bhutanese people make their teams of 11 people and compete against another group celebrating grandly with fantastic local cultural dances.

Experience joining the passionate audiences at archery tournaments or learn with our insightful representatives at your chosen hotel.

Venture with Mountain Bikes

A visually stunning destination, the kingdom of Bhutan is filled with the most adventurous biking experiences through pristine natural forest paths and trails. Set off on a bicycle adventure in the most intriguing, isolated kingdom of Bhutan. Every cyclist worldwide gathers in Bhutan to participate in most experiences Tour of Dragon, an intensely challenging 268 km racing through the dramatic scenery of hills, pass, and the valleys of Bhutan.

Hike with Discoveries

Sign in to the most beautiful hike in Bhutan's landscapes filled with beautiful dotted valleys, hills, farmland, passes, forests, monasteries, and mountains. Exciting experiences are offered on your journey with dramatic sceneries through untouched landscapes. Seasonal beauties of its charm bring memorable experiences incorporating your interests and liking to explore and discover in the kingdom of Bhutan.

Immersion to colorful birds

Immerse into Bhutan's bird world, assigning your journey to the paradise of birds. With over 675 birds living in the last Himalayan kingdom, believed undoubtedly known for birds paradise, travelers explore the chirping birds. Our designed tours offer a fantastic birding journey through Bhutan's realm, providing endless opportunities to see colorful birds enjoying Bhutan's sceneries.

Racing in the Himalayan wilderness

Making your choice to race in the world's beautiful country through stunning countryside and villages brings you amazing unique experiences in your lifetime. Bhutan remains the world's top travel destination and is accessible only to the privileged ones. We offer the chance to see the beautiful landlocked Buddhist country at ground level, immerse yourself in our unique cultural life, and enjoy unforgettable running experiences.

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