Bhutan Spiritual Experience Tour

Bhutan being a small landlocked Buddhist country, spiritually blessed under the umbrella of spiritual leaders, offers life-changing spiritual experiences in the exotic kingdom of Bhutan. Cultivate peace and a calm mindset, enjoy the serene environment, and immerse yourself in spiritually powerful old monasteries and temples. Pristine landscapes of every destination are fascinated with incredible travel journeys intersecting with spirituality, bounding you in relaxation, peaceful and calm avoiding daily world’s complication.

Soak in traditional Hot spring natural Tub

Bhutan is also known as a medicinal country blessed with naturally natural hot springs destined in many parts. The Bhutanese people have used the hot spring for centuries to cure various ailments ranging from arthritis to body aches, even sinuses. So soaking yourself in the tub with locals and the visitors along the melodies of Bhutanese songs will find as one of the unique travel journeys through magical Bhutan. 

Mindfulness of making Mini stupa

Making Mini stupa or Tsa Tsa in Buddhism is a part of a meditation practice considering eliminating obstacles, purifying negativities, and gaining merits. Mini stupas are made with clay, left to harden, and then placed on clean sites above the road. We offer the chance to participate in contributing your good wishes to yourself and living beings.

Adorning colorful prayer flags in the pristine landscapes

The printed prayer flags symbolizing the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha and hoisting prayer flags by the river, across the bridges, and on the hilltop is supposed to make peace, compassion, wisdom, and prosperity increase while dangers disappear. One can also write the names of those you particularly wish to dedicate your prayers and merit accumulated while hanging the flags. 

Yoga in the last Shangrila

Invest your time enjoying the Yoga journey through the pristine landscapes of Bhutan with our Yoga expertise. As Bhutan is known for being a peaceful country, get the opportunities to improve concentration, stimulate the imagination and release your energy in a fun, safe, and clean environment. Thus, posturing your action on the beautiful destination of Bhutan with fresh, clean air, keeping your life relax, avoiding complexities of daily routine work. 

Meditation in the Dharma’s land

Bhutan is known for its spiritually strong country, having legendary monasteries and temples built at the hills and clean prophecies area. Most of the meditation in Bhutan takes place atop some of the beautiful hills and temples offers the chance to enjoy the beautiful nature without distraction. Designed travel itineraries can include your interest in your unique journey.

Experiences in a wooden Tub.

A hot stone bath is one of the relaxing experiences in Bhutan. A wooden bathtub is constructed outside the house with a view of nature surrounding the house. The rock is heated red and then released into herbal water stored in a bathtub. It is believed that the minerals from rock and herbal water can produce medical benefits for joint pain, Hypertension, stomach disorder, and arthritis.

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