Bhutan Luxury Tour

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We believe in" Excellence" on your journey to the kingdom of Bhutan. In pursuit of this, we tailor the best of Bhutan luxury tours, nurturing every client's needs into super-luxury travel. With an unrivaled reputation for providing premium service to travelers, tailoring the best itineraries filled with unique experiences, comforting your stay at luxury resorts and hotels in Bhutan. Our tailor-designed journey will take you deep into the heart of Bhutan, ensuring unique experiences, not compromising on the comfort and quality of your trip. Your chosen journey allows you to experience the wonders of the kingdom of Bhutan while enjoying the comfort and service of luxury lodging. Request you to choose a hotel and resorts of the following.


Amankora, a luxury resort, stands five lodges in Bhutan's five valleys: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Phobjikha, and Bumthang. Each club is peacefully situated and has its unique charm and central hubs. All guest suites are identical and luxuries with unparalleled service. Enjoy luxuries facilities and gourmet cuisine, Both Bhutanese and international.


COMO Uma, a luxury resort, features the most exclusive private villas in Bhutan with an enviable location in Paro and Punakha valley. The style combines local artisanship with COMO's contemporary style. Every category of rooms with its beauties makes the charm of the journey. Enjoy luxuries facilities with unparalleled warm service.

Six Sense Hotels & Spa

An enchanting heritage and hospitality luxury resort scattered in 5 valleys of Bhutan: Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Phobjikha, and Bumthang. Every designed room in five lodges reconnects and revitalize in peace, comfort, and luxury with stunning natural scenery. Every design has its charm in every club, varying landscapes for unlimited sensory experiences in the kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

A boutique luxury resort located at Paro valley is the only well-being-inclusive 5star luxury resort in Bhutan. Offers free consultation with traditional Bhutanese doctors creating a personal well-being program, including dietary advice, focusing on balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It is perfect for travelers seeking the essence of Bhutan, enjoying inclusive of all culinary surprises.

Le Meridien Hotel, Paro, River Front.

World-class riverfront hotel inspiring happiness offers the perfect destination with opportunities to live and experience the country's most exotic culture and natural beauty with a mix of luxury and comfort. Enjoy the modern facilities with unparalleled service.

Zhiwaling Hotel, Paro

A beautiful Hotel combines fine Bhutanese traditional house with modern technology. The only hotel envisioned and created by Bhutanese owner showcasing Bhutanese architect of hand-carved wooden cornices, masterfully stonework coexist with modern facilities. So enjoy your stay in a Bhutanese architect hotel.

Taj Tashi Hotel

They are nestled in the heart of Thimphu city, gateway to a magical land brimming with fascinating mythology. An enchanting blend of Bhutanese dzong design adorned with classical hand-drawn Buddhist Murals. The spacious rooms and suites overlook the glorious mountains and the city with luxury comfort and unparallel service.

Le Meridien, Thimphu

Luxury hotel located at the heart of the city steps away from the shops and entertainment and conveniently accessible to National Memorial chorten and celebrated attractions. The spacious rooms boast authentic Bhutanese style furnishing with stellar amenities. So be inspired and enjoy your stay with luxury facilities and tasteful cuisines.

Zhiwaling Ascent Hotel, Thimphu

Zhiwaling Ascent provides a new level of comfort and luxury with elegances. The hotel is inspired by the traditional Bhutanese farmhouse incorporated with Bhutanese architect and modern looks: spacious rooms capture all-day sunlight and the panoramic view of surroundings. Enjoy your stay in a hotel in a peaceful place with healthy seasonal cuisines.

Dusit D2 Yarkey Hotel, Thimphu

The Unique and luxury hotel located at the heart of Thimphu city reflects Bhutan's rich culture and heritage in inspiration from four harmonious friends. Describes an elephant, a rabbit, a monkey, and a Partridge trying to harvest fruits from a magical tree. Each room and suite is a feature with a colorful and contemporary motif. Enjoy your stay at a hotel with luxurious facilities.

Dhensa Boutique Resort, Punakha

Beautifully sits in the verdant Punakha valley's heart, overlooking the Punakha River and the rice fields. The resort is surrounded by the pine forest, walking, and trekking trails. Unique and luxury resort perfect for the travelers who seek the sublime and sophisticated. Each suite has a spacious ambiance with private balconies. Enjoy your stay at the hotel with organic Bhutanese cuisines in the middle of the pine forest.

Gangtey Lodge, Gangtey

A lodge with its spectacular settings and sweeping views over the Phobjikha valley.

Luxury lodge enables travelers to connect physically, spiritually, and mentally sound with their surroundings, making fantastic travel experiences. All-suite luxury rooms discreetly positioned near the farmhouse cluster allow you to step back from the stresses and distractions of modern daily life. Enjoy your stay in the luxury farmhouse with multi-cuisine dishes.

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