Cuisines of Sikkim

Apart from the scenic beauty and vibrant culture, Sikkim is also widely known for its unique cuisines and wide range of soulful dishes. Being situated adjacent to the Indo-Tibet and Nepal border the cuisine is a blend of Tibetan, Nepali and Lepcha dishes. Rice is regarded as the staple diet of Sikkim.

Sha Phaley

A Tibetan dish which includes fried bread stuffed with a mixture of seasoned meat and vegetables served with green and red chutney.

Sel Roti

Circular-shaped sweet bread made with rice flour and local spices. It is one of the most consumed food items during festivals.


A traditional cheese of Nepal cuisine made from the milk of Yak and Cow that is highly consumed in the Himalayan region. The soft Churpi is cooked with vegetables in a curry whereas the hard Churpi is consumed as a snack.


Momo is a popular food that is widely popular around the country. Sikkim offers momo with its touch that includes regional spices and meat stuffed in steamed buns.


Thukpa is another popular dish of Sikkim cuisine that includes noodles cooked with vegetables, meats and large amounts of spices.

Kodo Ko Roti

Kodo Ko Roti is the most popular vegetarian food option. A chapatti made with millet flour served with tomato chutney.


Gundruk is another popular vegetarian option which is a mixture of fermented vegetables that include cauliflowers and radish leaves cooked with a curry rich in tomato, garlic and other spices.


An authentic dish of Sikkim cuisine, Thenthuk is made from hand-pulled noodles that are cooked with vegetables or meat seasoned with local spices and chillies.

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