Bhutanese cuisine is diverse, characterized by a blend of flavors and unique dishes. Ema Datshi, a spicy chili and cheese stew, is a staple. Red rice, buckwheat, and maize are common grains. Momos (dumplings) and phaksha paa (pork with radishes) are popular dishes, showcasing Bhutan's culinary richness. Butter tea, called suja, is a traditional beverage. Overall, Bhutanese cuisine reflects the country's cultural heritage and reliance on locally sourced ingredients.

Ema Datshi

This dish is made with chilli peppers and cheese (usually yak cheese) and served with rice.

Phaksha Paa

This dish is a spicy pork stew made with radishes and dried red chillies.

Datsi Katsa

Soup-like noodle dish with flat noodles, veggies, and savoury broth.

Jasha Maru

Spicy chicken stew with tomatoes, onions, and green chillies. Served with red rice.

Suja (Butter Tea)

Butter tea is a traditional Bhutanese beverage made with tea leaves, salt, and butter.

Red Rice

Bhutanese red rice is a nutty staple in their diet served with a variety of side dishes.


Momo are a popular dish in Bhutan, filled with meat and spices.

Khuli (Buckwheat Pancakes)

Buckwheat pancakes are a popular breakfast item in Bhutan, often served with butter, honey, or cheese.

Goen Hogay

A salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and green chillies, seasoned with salt and lime juice.

Ara (Traditional Bhutanese Liquor)

Bhutanese people enjoy a traditional distilled liquor called ara, made from grains. It's a part of their social and cultural occasions.

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